Is Internet Explorer fading away…?

Is Internet Explorer fading away...?

I feel that internet explorer is fading away… I can see my blog statistics over past few months and percentage keep reducing :-). I personally hate Internet explorer and it too junky. I even tested the internet explorer 7 beta 2. But no use. I prefer my firefox with loaded extensions and developer tools. 😀

By Imthiaz

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  1. i also prefer any non-IE-browser 😉 but IE is always going to be there, and each of these is going to be a huge success… thats a promise. as long as people dont see a need to test a better browser (what might be everyone that dont do serious webwork, so about 99.5% of the tech-world’s population) …
    when directing a collegue to a website today, i asked “won’t you get yourself a browser soon?” and he responded “well, uhm, i’m pretty much happy with what i got.” he don’t even know any other browser, so i guess over the years people have learned, that installing software is evil and on a windows pc make it crash…
    maybe your stats just show that blogs are (even if they might be of growing popularity) a insider’s kind of thing. everyone gets what he deserves. at least your readers are more ambitious then the rest 😉 congrats. well, im not sure about all this… could it be you have been aimed by some mozilla-fanatic stats manipulators? hehe… btw: watch this: the IEsucks toolbar

  2. Yeah but serious internet users started to move from Internet explorer. I know internet explorer will survive. MS is known for its survival… Let see what MS can give in the future…

  3. I love FF. I only use IE on sites which don’t interact well with FF, which is usually work related sites.

    Of course IE will never go away..and its fine for people that do not know better and have limited internet it ships w/most computers, but people are moving to FF, I see it in my blog stats every week, and its use is climbing.

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