After so much strugle I found a nice tool which helps to parse my apache access log files and supply me so much useful information about google activity in my website.

Visitos log analyser

Visitors can get the following details from your daily apache access logs

  • Unique visitors in each day
  • Unique visitors in each month
  • Unique visitors from Google in each day
  • Unique visitors from Google in each month
  • Pageviews per visit
  • Weekday-Hour combined map
  • Month-Day combined map
  • Requested pages
  • Requested images and CSS
  • Referers
  • Referers by first time
  • Robots and web spiders
  • User agents
  • Operating Systems
  • Browsers
  • 404 Errors
  • Domains
  • Googled pages
  • Adsensed pages
  • Google Keyphrases
  • Google Keyphrases by first time
  • Google Human Language
  • Weekday distribution
  • Hours distribution

It is very simple to compile and execute…. I wrote a simple php shell script to make report daily so that i can archive it.