You Know Google Crossed a Limit When…

  • your doctor tells you that according to Google, you should be alright.
  • the horror flick displays life insurance advertisements whenever the slasher shows up.
  • you’re being dumped because of something you said in your blog 8 years ago.
  • your colleague asks why they’re not invited to the barbecue he’s seeing on your garden’s real time satellite imagery.
  • the Google news are so fully personalized, you’re always making the frontpage.
  • you’re searching for yourself to discover new stuff.
  • the Googlebot starts emailing you spelling corrections for your website.
  • Google’s book search scanned your diary.
  • Google’s personalized homepage puts up a special logo for your birthday.
  • Google’s Blogger service starts announcing uptimes, not downtimes.
  • Google understands you better than your spouse.
  • Google’s online word processor introduces a talking paper clip.
  • a Google ad is actually relevant.

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