Upgrade to WordPress 2.0

I have updated to wordpress 2.0

It was so simple as it normally used to be. Single step. This is why I love wordpress so much..

Now I have to check why my plugin is not working in wp 2.0…

Heheheh :-p

By Imthiaz

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  1. With all do respect, I do not understand how you can be so blindly excited about WordPress 2.0. They issued a complete rewrite of their weblog package without building in support for the existing base. None of the existing templates, modules, etc. work with the new software.

    Worse, all the help links from within WordPress 1,5x are dead. The help files are not accessible from within their 1,5 version.

    Can you imagine what a disaster it is for somebody who has spent months tweaking the weblog to be confronted with a the certainty that all this work will be lost after the upgrade!? We do not need an Open Source company treating their users like some commercial software company that we all know off!

    Frankly, I was impressed with WordPress until their latest crappy move. How happy do you think I am, knowing that I will be stuck with the 1,5 version until I decide to move to another weblogging software? I am definitely not going to go through the same trouble of setting up WordPress 2.0 and wait as a sitting duck for the developers to decide they made a mistake and they should rewrite their software again! You do not rewrite software in such a way unless it is a completely new direction you want to take. And that is not the case with WordPress 2.0.

    What is annoying too is to notice the type of wrong information Internet has become synonym of. I can understand you are excited about the new version but, please, do not stop thinking at the end of the upgrade. Be excited but warn people about possible (and in this case very real) caveats!

  2. I really understand that you are really in a very bad state and mood with what happened for you after you have migrated to wp 2.0. I accept they have done a lot of changes in the core architecture in wp 2.0

    Normally when we tweak a open source software we have to be very careful. When it comes to wordpress why I am happy because of the plug in stuffs. You can almost change all the functionality of the blog software with the help of the plug ins. If you have done something with plug ins you will not have this much problem migrating you blog.

    And they always release new version to make sure that it is always better than the old one. When it comes to wordpress they always make it a point to help users to migrate from the old blog as easy as possible. If you were not a hard core user it won’t be so tuff on you to upgrade. Since it works for majority of the bloggers who are using wordpress.

    Even I am not happy with the editor interface what they have given right now esp the uploading picture and inserting inside. They must be working on all the feed backs from they user. If you see the wp mailing list lot of bug fixs and improvements are coming up. So stay tuned for more update.

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