Tinymce 3.0 released

Moxiecode has released new version of Tinymce. Some new features updated from change log

Rewrote the core and most of the plugins and themes from scratch.
Added new and improved serialization engine, faster and more powerful.
Added new internal event system, things like editor.onClick.add(func).
Added new inline popups plugin, the dialogs are now skinable and uses clearlooks2 as default.
Added new context menu plugin, context menus can now have sub menus and plugins can add items on the fly.
Added new skin support for the simple and advanced themes you can alter the whole UI using CSS.
Added new o2k7 skin for the simple and advanced themes.
Added new custom list boxes for font size/format/style etc with preview support.
Added new UI management, enabled plugins to create controls like splitbuttons or menus easier.
Added new JSON parser/serializer and JSON-RPC class to the core API.
Added new cookie utility class to the core API.
Added new Unit testing class to the core API only available in dev mode.
Added new firebug lite integration when loading the dev version of TinyMCE.
Added new Safari plugin, fixes lots compatibility of issues with Safari 3.x.
Added new URI/URL parsing it now handles the hole RFC and even some exceptions.
Added new page break plugin, enables you to insert page break comments like <!– pagebreak –>
Added new on demand loading of plugins and themes. Enables you to load and init TinyMCE at any time.
Added new throbber/progress visualization a plugin can show/hide this when it’s needed.
Added new block quote button. Enables you to wrap paragraphs in blockquotes.
Added new compat2x plugin. Will provide a TinyMCE 2.x API for older plugins.
Added new theme_advanced_resizing_min_width, theme_advanced_resizing_min_height options.
Added new theme_advanced_resizing_max_height, theme_advanced_resizing_max_height options.
Added new use_native_selects option. Enables you to toggle native listboxes on and off.
Added new docs_url option enables you to specify where the TinyMCE user documentation is located.
Added new frame and rules options for the table dialog.
Added new global rule for valid_elements/extended_valid_elements enables you to specify global attributes for all elements.
Added new deny attribute rule character so it’s possible to deny global attribute rules on specific elements.
Added new unit tests in the dev package of TinyMCE. Runs tests on the core API, commands and settings of the editor.
Added new experimental jQuery and Prototype framework adapters to the development package.
Added new translation.html file for the development package. Helps with the internationalization of TinyMCE.
Added new setup callback option, use this callback to add events to TinyMCE. This method is recommended over the old callbacks.
Added new API documentation to all classes, functions, events, properties to the Wiki with examples etc.
Added new init method to all plugins and themes, since it’s shorter to write and it mimics interface capable languages better.
Added new tab_focus option, that enables you to specify a element id or that the next element to be focused on tab key down.
Added new addQueryValueHandler method to the tinymce.Editor class.
Added new class_filter option, this enables you to specify a function that can filter out CSS classes for the styles list box.
Added support form [url=url]title[/url] to the bbcode plugin.
Added type and compact attributes to the default valid_elements list for the ul and ol elements.
Added missing accessibility support to native list boxes in both the toolbar and dialogs.
Added missing access key for the element path for accessibility reasons.
Added new getElement method to Editor class, returns the element that was replaced with the editor instance.
Added new unavailable prefix for disabled controls for accessibility reasons.
Added new classes for toolbar rows in advanced theme mceToolbarRow1..n enabled you to change appearance of individual rows.
Added auto detection for the strict_loading_mode option when running in application/xhtml+xml mode on Gecko.
Optimized the HTML serializer by bundling some post process methods together.
Added new indentation option enables you to specify how much each indent/outdent call will add/remove.
Added easier support for enabling/disabling icon columns on drop menues.
Added new menu button control class. This control is very similar to the splitbutton but without any onclick action.
Added support for previous tab focus (shift+tab). The tab_focus setting now takes two items next and previous element.
Added map and area elements to the default valid_elements list and also some indentation rules.

One sad thing is Safari is still experimental 🙁 apart from that it is kick ass 😀

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