Javascript IFrame Remote Script

It is real fun when experimenting stuffs with Iframe, remote scripting and javascript. My real inspiration behind experimenting was Google. Almost all the new technology implemented by Google is using those technologies. I don’t recomend using these extensive scripts is a good approach to a normal website since the features implentation is little complex. If we want to use the same inside the corporate websites where internal employees of the company use it. Since loading a page in differents parts is really cool. Still now I have implemented the only functions which called remotely will return the needed content for the part. Google uses the remoted script to get the date in an array format and uses the javascript to print the interface at the client which save much more bandwidth and increases the speed and efficency very much. These days even dynamic website is extra work to the browser. Really cool. And M$ have implented kind of same stuff in the name of webform hehe god know how it works.. 😉

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By Imthiaz

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