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Party time in Trivandrum office

Few days earlier we all decided that all in the Trivandrum office will wear mundu which is traditional dress in Kerala. This included Iyad and myself. So we both bought it. After completing the days work we started the party.

Iyad really looked cool in mundu

Iyad wearing mundu solo Me, Shameer, Iyad wearing mundu Me and Iyad on mundu

After that we took group picture of the team. 90% of the team wearing the traditional wear some forgot as usual 😉

Me and Iyad with Trivandrum team in kerala traditional wear “mundu” Trivandrum team on kerala traditional wear “mundu”

Dinner time 😀 . The whole team went for dinner @ B6 near Trivandrum Techno park.

Dinner with Trivandrum team Shameer and Iyad at dinner in Trivandrum Myself and Anoop George at dinner in Trivandrum

It was a wonderful night which we all cannot forget. Once of the main reason for this was Iyad 😉 .

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  1. If iam not wrong, the last pic is of Anoop. Right? no good idea okie. just a guess. Poor fellow. U wnt allow him to have his ice cream also.
    Look at his expression.. it clearly says “hello mister Gunda, please leave me. we will take photo after i finish the ice cream”

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