Impounded my car at RTA Dubai for reckless driving

Last week I checked my RTA fines at Dubai Police website. I got shocked to see a new ticket which stated I had to impound my car for 30 days or pay 3000 Dirhams as fine. As it was too much money I decided to leave the car in the impound for 30 days.

Went to RTA booked my car for 30 days and parked it here 🙁

Picture of the impounded cars parking lot …

my car parked inside Dubai impound


overview of cars parked on Dubai car impound. 1jpg


overview of cars parked on Dubai car impound 2

The whole process took 4 hours and my brother Thowfiq helped me on this.

Moral of the story … “Don’t Drive Use Metro” 😉

By Imthiaz

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  1. hey . i also got fine for inpound the vehicle . can anybody tell me when we have to impound our vehichle . it should be immediately or within a month.

    1. I suggest you do it immediately, I heard sometimes the pound is too full and you will not get a slot. Guess there are too many reckless drivers in Dubai these days 🙂

  2. so what were you doing that was so dangerous that they had to get you off the road and have you learned not to do it again?

    1. It is highly classified, You need a level clearance to get that answer :-P, seriously thinking what did I do wrong to get a punishment like this ???? I might soon give up driving and use metro once DMC station is active.

  3. how long do you have till ur asked by the RTA to impound your car?
    you dont have to give it right away do u?

    1. They never mentioned when to put the car. I checked the fines online by accident. After seeing it I place my car within a week. Now my car is released from Jail 🙂

  4. Hey Imthiaz,

    Did you have to pay any fees for the impound lot ? Or is there no charge for it ?

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  6. Good work to the traffic Police. Next time you are out on the street with your car, you will think of this experience and hopefully you will drive better.

  7. Heres a question:
    Can anyone just pay AED 3000 instead of getting his/her car impounded? I mean is it a normal procedure or do you need to get an approval if it depends on the fine or something? My fine is ‘exceeding the speed limit by 60km/hr’.

  8. hey guys i got fine for reckless driving last year and again tonight i got again. This time i got it for no reason , nobody heared me and i dont know what to do. God bless us all.

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