Flip’s party at Ski Dubai

It was another exciting evening at Mall of Emirates, Dubai. Flip Media has arranged a wonderful party for all of flippers. It was in Ski Dubai. It was my first skiing experience. We had training session where they taught us how to ski. I was the only one who kept falling down every 5 minutes. I had taken my camera and took some video. It was horrible as I was walking and talking to all people. It took me 3 hours in iMovie to create a good clip out of it. I didn’t take my camera inside so I was not able to shoot inside. My friends has taken some snaps. May be latter I will update this post with some cool picture.

After skiing we went for dinner and we had to cook our food. It was fun 😉 . Please see the video and post your comments 😀

Update: Some picture from inside Ski Dubai. Thanks to Leilanie 😀

Ski Dubai - Shuja, Me and Martin Ski Dubai - Me and Maria Ski Dubai - Flip Media Gang

By Imthiaz

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  1. Its so cool to see you guys all having fun at Ski Dubai. The editing was superb imti and the country/banjo soundtrack inspired. Fantastic!!

  2. It is rare and pleasantly refreshing to see such a happy family.
    A great culture.
    And a professional movie clip!
    No picture of you on the snow, feet up !?!

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