4WD Robotic Car controlled over Bluetooth with iPhone App

After massive brain damage I finally managed to build a prototype 4WD Robotic car controlled over Bluetooth using iPhone app. This was done using serial communication between Arduino mega and Hercules motor driver. Sorry for not posting detailed pinout diagram. If anyone interested in detailed connections please drop me an email or comment. The real trick was to make the serial connections work and test without connecting the USB cable on Hercules. Hercules board should have had two serial communication pins for easy testing as it was pain to keep removing the connected Arduino serial connections for testing. Anyways its done now 😉

Parts used in this demo

You can download the source code used in this project “CarRemote” in Github. Please forgive my bad C code as it been real long time.

By Imthiaz

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  1. please can you give me a detailed diagram for the motor driver and arduino mega as i am working on a similier project for my graduation and i am facing problem in the controlling issue as i dont know how the arduino will give the driver the right instructions for the to motors on left side or right side for turning

    i am controlling the robot by android phone
    thanks for your time

    salah qatamesh

  2. Hi
    I’m from KOREA
    I’m a KOOKMIN UNIVERSITY in KOREA student, my major is mechanical engineering
    so, I want to make a wireless tennis ball colletor
    If we have to wireless control, We need a ‘Hercules Dual 15A 6-20V Motor Controller’, ‘UartSBee V4’, ‘Arduino Mega 2560’, ‘BLE Shield V1’ aren’t you????

    lastly, I wonder, How to connect the board

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