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Arvind Krishnan18th October 2006, Dubai (UAE): Following in the footsteps of CEO Martin Diessner and Group Creative Director & Founder Dinesh Lalvani, Arvind Krishnan has flipped to join the team at Flip Media as Creative Director.

Earlier this year, Flip Media took an innovative approach in their agency structuring by appointing multiple creative directors. “We think differently to other agencies and if we can flip a traditional idea or concept, we will, knowing that we’ll come up with a better approach” said Dinesh at the time. “Put simply, by having multiple creative directors means that the creative teams challenge each other and this raises the whole agency’s standards of creativity.”

As Creative Director, Arvind will head up his own team within the agency. He brings significant knowledge and skills to the team at Flip Media with over 10 years experience in advertising and design at various advertising agencies in Bangalore, India and the Middle East. Beginning his career as a Graphics and Animation Designer, Arvind graduated to become a Senior Visual Designer, and progressed over the years to hold positions as Consultant Art Director and then Creative Director.

Arvind is described by the one of the Flippers as being “still waters that run deep’ another commented “He’s the kind of guy that sure doesn’t say much, but don’t underestimate him as you can see the cogs are working overtime.” And they certainly are. Arvind has been the creative force behind award winning campaigns for many leading international brands and clients including; Barclays International, Hewlett Packard, Hilton, Jumeirah, Pepsi, and Showtime.

Arvind joins Flip Media from Impact Proximity Dubai where he previously worked as Creative Group Head for the last three years. He has built a solid reputation based on his originality, inventiveness in design and outstanding attention to detail in the execution of integrated print and online advertising campaigns.

“Arvind has a natural flair for creativity and he is dedicated to creative excellence. He has the ability to engage with clients on a one to one basis and this results in his work being crafted with great creativity and thought. Arvind will play an active role in the success of Flip Media and are absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to work together again.” Added Dinesh.

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