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Search site box in Google search results

Today I was searching Google for the keyword wikipedia. I found something new on the search results. I found a search button text box and button under the search result of wikipedia mentioning to search site wikipedia. I tested it for few popular keywords and for all them it had this search box. From the test I did it is evident that site with more than thousands of articles get this box else just the site links 😉

Happy Googling 😀

Smart Comment Spammers

I really have no idea why I get so much spams everyday. On a average of 100 to 150 spam comments per day is too much. In this I am not counting the spam that is blocked Askimet. While going through the spam it looks so real. The spam comment looks like a conversation for the particular blog post I made.

If you see the above two comment spam it is really context sensitive. The first comment is for a post I blogged about Martins birthday party. The second is about the PDA plugin I did for WordPress.

After analysing the comment I noticed they have copied the previous comment from the post. If the page has too many comments they select random comments and post again.

If this is some kind of automated job I wonder how much resource they are using for a bad cause. Is this all because of SEO. All the blog comments url has rel=”nofollow” in the links so I am really sure it will not contribute in good search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Then what is point of spamming the comments section in all WordPress blogs.

Putting hundreds of plugin to fight spam is of no use. They escape all rules then get in as approved. Having captcha is also of no use and I am really getting sick of this every day. 🙁

Why is this happening ????

Google Adsense Ad Pagination

Google Adsense Ad Pagination

Today I noticed in my blog Google Adsense unit two arrows.  Out of curiostity I went and click on it. It was nothing but pagination for that ad unit. Some keywords has too many ads so Google wants the end user to select from different pages and click on it 😉

Gmail Video

A video that Saatchi Moscow created and produced for Google to attract more Russian people on GMail. It is really good 😉


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