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It has been quite sometime since I concentrated on SEO and my blog. Yesterday I was ready a forum where they were chatting about page rank update by Google. Out of curiosity I checked my blog and It got promoted to rank 5. After 2 long year my blog finally got page rank 5.

Organic and white hat seo pays the reward but it takes very long time. I guess it is good and is statble 😀

Suggest better translation to Google Transaltor

Today I was browsing through a web page which was translated using Google translator. I noticed a new tool tip over each sentences.

When you click on the link “Suggest a better translation” you get a textbox to give a new translation of the sentence.

Google is learning translation from the users. The translation engine will evolve based on the user input over the time 😀

Does Google knows me better than myself ????

I have a strong feeling that Google knows me better than what I know about myself. I am saying strongly because I live my life on Internet. I use internet a lot and I have been using lot of service what is offered by Google. All of the service is so interlinked and they record every thing what I do. These are the following service I am using.

1. Google Email – I have been using Google Gmail from the day it was rolled out to public user by invitation. This is my personal email and I have all my friends family mailing me here. From this they know what emails and what kind of emails I get from everyone.

2. Google search – I am sure 90% of internet users from small kid to grown up is using Google search. I Google a lot in fact I Google to correct my spelling which I am really bad at. Now they have integrated with Gmail and they track every search what I am doing online. In fact they have even started to personalize the search based on the what kind of Search I have been doing in past years. From this tracking they what I am searching for and from that they can find out what kind person I am and what kind of work I do and what I am looking or what are my interest in life.

3. Orkut – Here in middle east facebook is mostly used. But back in India more than facebook orkut is being used for social networking. From this service they know who are my friends and what kind of friend I have and what are interest in social life.

4. Google Talk – I am using Gtalk to chat with my friends. Using this service they know who are the friends I am close with. What I am chat or what I exchange with my friends.

5. Google reader – I read RSS more than newspaper. I have subscribed to more that 30 or 40 feeds from which I get my daily updates from other website I read a lot. Google can easily find out my interest and area of expertise from the RSS I read, bookmark, and share with my friends.

6. Google analytic – I have my own personal blog. I track all my visitors using analytic and Google knows what kind of visitor I get.

7. Google adsense – I have place adsense and I get my payout check and I deposit in my account. So they know what bank I use.

8. Youtube – They know what kind of video I search on youtube and I watch

9. Google checkout – I use paypal and Google checkout to shop online. From this they know my online shopping trends and my credit card details.

10. Google adwords – Everyone clicks on ads placed on other websites 😀

Wow that is big huge list. Above is the most used service from Google. If you see they track and save information of what I do everyday on internet. Can you realize how much data Google has about me. It is all part of pieces of data about me and what I do everyday. Now I can summarize somewhat what Google know about me

  • Kind of person
  • My profession
  • My hobbies
  • My favorite TV show
  • My favorite food
  • My favorite recipes
  • My Friends
  • My Social life
  • My traveling interest
  • My favorite products
  • List of software I use, etc etc

Soon I will forget what I like and Google will know better and they will introduce a new service. Where I can get suggestion or recommendation what is best for me. To an extend they are already doing this in search and product search. My only question is Can I trust Google? Anyways I am taking my chances as I don’t have any other better service which can compete Google 😀

Ad Search in Google Adsense Text Units

Today I was going through by blog and suddenly I noticed something is wrong with my Google Adsense Text Links unit. This is the first time I noticed in adsense.

The change I was seeing there was a search box in the place of links. I tried again and I was not able to reproduce the same result. I am not sure if this is already there and I never notice or Google is trying something new 🙂

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