WordPress Amazon S3

WordPress Amazon S3 plugin is a simple plugin which will helps you to transfer your media files used in a post to Amazon S3 cloud. It uses wordpress post filters to scan the post content for images and media files and schedule them for upload queue. If the media file is already scheduled and uploaded to s3 then it will change the urls on the fly for the content. There is no update done to the content or anything in the database. This make this plugin to be really safe.

There are few things you have to note using this plugin

  1. It will not create any Amazon S3 buckets
  2. It will not work if you have not configured your wordpress corn file [wp-cron.php]
  3. You have to have a make sure s3temp folder is writable on the media upload folder. This help the plugin to avoid database hit for checking  the availability of the files in S3 cloud.
  4. This plugin will not manage the files in Amazon S3 cloud. You can use S3fm or S3Fox
  5. If you want to reset the files and upload everything again, please delete all files in s3 folder, delete the files in S3 bucket or use a new bucket.

If you have any queries please post on a comment or ask in wordpress support forum for wp-s3.

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