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Driving experience in Trivandrum, Kerala

This video was taken by Saifudeen while I was driving from Hotel to Attingal office. Shuja was sitting with me in the front and Saif was taking the video from the back seat. Here no one was following rules and they were using all new techniques in driving. To go straight in a cross road you will be using hazard light as going straight indicator. If you want to give way to car behind to over take you should use right indicator etc etc

It was a exciting and a scary experience…. 😉

Travel experience with Dr. R. Gunaseelan

I boarded the train to Trivandrum from Chennai central station. There were couple of people we we started normal conversation and cracking jokes. After  couple of hours during the journey one person passed by and looked at our place and he was happy to find a mobile/laptop power unit. He requested and then put his mobile to charge. It was a blackberry mobile and I thought to myself either he must be a IT / business person. He sat right opposite to me and was waiting for his mobile to charge. I thought he was not comfortable siting along with us. So I told him that I could watch the mobile and he can come and take it latter. He said its okay and he was travelling alone and could use some company.

During the conversation I came to know that he was Dr. R. Gunaseelan the director of famous Rajan Dental Institute. He was so humble and discussed about lot of technology and and I showed iPhone presentation to him and explain how iPhone is going to help people in medical field and he was really amazed. We discussed variety of topics about family, travel, technology, ERP solutions, movies. He was sharing some dental procedures and how technology is getting used to help doctors to give quick remedy to the patients. Some fact about him  …

Medical Director of Rajan Dental Institute Dr. R. Gunaseelan has, over the past 15 years, changed the practice into a multi-specialty modern institute of world-class dental care, without losing sight of the founder’s concept of quality and trust. Various specialists in the fields of Implant Dentistry, Orthodontics, Restorative Dentistry, Endodontics, Prosthodontics, Periodontics, Maxillo-Facial Surgery, Aesthetic Dentistry, Pedodontics and Oral Medicine ably assist in establishing high standards of dental care.

The Rajan Dental Institute has to its credit several ‘firsts’ in India such as –

  • Computer based planning and ‘Nobel – guide’ surgical technique
  • ‘Teeth-in-an-hour’ concept (where implants and artificial teeth are fixed in 1 hour)
  • Zygoma implant technique

It was a wonderful experince for me and  I hope that I didn’t irritate him with my conversation 😉

Back in Chennai

This month I am traveling to Trivandrum. On my way I stopped by in Chennai to see my parents and cute niece Afifa. She is very naughty and playful 🙂 I really had a very good time playing with her.

Today I am starting from Chennai to Trivandrum by train and I will post my experience in my next post. Cannot wait for my vacation in August 😉

WordPress PDA plugin causing header output issues

If you have upgraded the PDA plugin in past 2 days you might run into header output issues which might break the operation of wordpress where ever header function was being used.

To overcome the issues please de-activate the plugin and upgrade the plugin to the latest version 1.2.6 and activate the plugin back.

This error was due to some unwanted junk character present in the beginning of the file. It was due to the editor issue which I had used to save the file and commit the file to the repository.

I am really sorry for causing this issue and sorry for the inconvenience  caused 🙂

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