Happy New Year

Ahh.. A fresh new year has started… Wow how fast the days are rolling and cannot really remember what happened the whole year. So many good and exicting things have happened and in the same time bad things too. When it comes to career, I joined the company Gowealthy end of 2004. Now I have completed one year in Gowealthy. If I turn back and see what I have acheived in there its good. Implemented a lot of scripts and new combo of technology. Increased the development team strength. Hopes are there to make it double this year.

Happy New Year 2006

Look at the smile ahahahahaha…!!!! I look like a clown.. My dad always used to say I am a clown.. I have some exicting plans for this year. But If I plan too much sometimes it is not working out well. So bloggy whenever it happens I will tell you.

I am finding these days to update some of my work on the blog. Since I cannot zip it and put it on the web. I have cutdown to a version so that It is good enough.. 😉

More to come… 😀

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  1. hi clown..u look more like ure enjoying a vacation in hawai..wher r the hawaian dancers???;)
    happy new year!!!

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