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DivyaMy new pal has asked me to write about her on my blog. And she also mentioned if she likes the write up I will get a good gift from her. Oh my god what should I write to get that gift from her. Should I tell the truth or try to impress her. Let me start…. 😉

Her name is Divya, she has joined our office recently. She has finished her B.A tourism from Bangalore, India. She lives here at Sharjah with her parents and her brother. This is her first job after her studies. She was bit new to office atmosphere and scared a bit like all people. So we had little interaction at work related to work. Then we really started talking and became good friends. To be frank she is my first friend here and luckily a beautiful gal.

Back in India I always had so many friends and here it was opposite no friends. Then we become kind of real close friends. She is so sweet and always tells me what I am doing wrong at office. Sometimes I really loose control and act weird at office. Then she shouts at me like hell. And she try all possible methods to bring me back my good mood. I too help her sometimes at work. I teach her whatever I know. We keep silly bets and she always looses with me. And I trade movies with her for snickers ;-).

Two more people who have joined our team is Bahrudeen and Suneer. Now there is good fun in the office. Poor Divya is the scapegoat who gets caught with all of us and get teased royally. I shall update some picture of our new gang soon.

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  1. Mr. Imthiaz.. U write about ur new gal friend in ur blog.. what abt us, old friends man?? u wont write abt us??? what an injustice?? wat has become of the world??

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