About my new job at Flip Media

Hi bloggy

I haven’t updated you for a really long time. Life is a little busy these days and am getting no time to relax. I have left Gowealthy for good and joined Flip Media in Dubai media city. I completed one month in the new company now. Life is really exciting..new people and cool atmosphere. One thing I hate the most is traveling from Sharjah to Dubai. I was aware of this long back so I have to bear it. Another thing that happened this month is I re-wrote the Organizer plugin for wordpress and completed it successfully. So far around 400 people have downloaded it. Some reported bugs and nice features and I have implemented it too ;-).

Another thing I am learning in my new company is how to be perfect in handling the projects etc. I am yet to get close to people in the company. Shuja is the one who took interest in me and got this job for me. I really owe him one. Did I forget to mention Dubai media city is really hot.. ;-). I am meeting a lot of tech freaks here and exchanging ideas and trying to help each other. I will update you soon with some pictures if possible so till then keep cool…

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