Busy Linux Week.

It has been another busy week for me. Busy with eid celebration and I was exploring some stuff with wordpress, linux and seo. I got really annoyed with using windows on my laptop so I wanted to install some linux for a change. I started with Ubuntu by downloading the latest version from their website. My luck was really bad it keep saying unable to read media. So i tried different dvd burner software and nothing gave me a good bootable cd. From that I found the iso they gave is a bad one.

The next step was to download openSUSE. This time I wanted to perform direct web install using yast. I was sucessfull in loading the iso and making it run. Wow it ran for 3 hrs saying reading packages information and made my system non responsive. So I dropped the idea of continuing with SUSE.

The next was my fav distro Fedora. I used the torrent to download the dvd iso and successfully installed the same on my Dell inspiron 630m laptop. Everything looked fine except for my sound and wifi. I solved the sound issue by updating to the latest kernel. I tried installing intel drivers to make my wifi work and no use nothing worked out.

Today I found Fedora core 6 is out. No chance to wait. Downloading the torrent ;-). Some cool features being Kernel 2.18, Gnome.16 and much more. Shall update my fun on FC6 soon. 😀

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By Imthiaz

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