Flipped for a year now

Flipped for a year now.!!!I really forgot to blog about me completing a year @ flip media. It has been an wonderful experience working in flip. I can just go on write about why I like working @ flip but I am not going write a 300 words essay 😉 .

If you are a person who like to work with latest trends on web and to experiment on it I am sure flip media is heaven. I am sure I will have lot more challenges to do working here. DONT FORGET TO DROP YOUR RESUME IF YOU ARE READY FOR CHALLENGES.

Its too late for me 🙂 time for bed 😉 .

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By Imthiaz

Programmer, SAAS, CMS & CRM framework designer, Love Linux & Apple products, Currently addicted to mobile development & working @bluebeetle

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  1. Hey Hey – I must have missed that 1 yr anniversary, sorry about that and congratulations. We love you here and I think your blog is great (not as great as your work though!).

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