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This is a calender generation class defined from customizable parameters. The calendar has template and seperate css for more looks.

I am really sorry for not updating the Calendar for a long time..

Hello Imthiaz,
I like your calendar. I forgot where I found it, I think on I have tried about 7 to 10 different ones on the internet and
yours is the simplest one to use.
I added via a class ‘linkcalendar’ that extends your class, the ability
to pass in an array of dates and have the calendar display it with a
different box style and link to the page, passing additional variable
such as event_id (e). Thus ICalendarX can now be used to hilight the days
of month on which a special event occurs. If you click on an event date
link, the event html is displayed. Presumably these dates and event
id’s would come from a database but I hard coded them for example file.
I did not change code except for a couple of
typos. I added and modified the example file.
Enjoy, thank you for releasing it.
Geoffrey Hoffman

Sorry Mr.Geoffrey Hoffman for not releasing your version for a long time.

Latest PhpICalendarX 3.5

Php Google PageRank Calculator Code

I came across this code when I was googling for something else. Why to leave it I took and implemented in my own blog. You can see in each page right-top corner you find a picture telling the pagerank of this page. Cool naa..

The main google checksum code was done by

Written and contributed by
Alex Stapleton,
Andy Doctorow,
Bill Zeller,
Vijay "Cyberax" Bhatter

And I Got one more method from another site to get the pagerank using this algo… You can find googling “Google Checksum”.

Please have in mind that this not legal or official release from Google. It is a cracked one.

Just for fun I have upadated in my blog. I really don’t know when Google is going to change the algo…

Originated from this website.

You can download the working example of Google Pagerank Calculator what I have implemented in my blog. If you want to test it, Do it here.

Have Fun..

Javascript Asp Menu – Doi Menu

I was searching the web for a good menu. I came across so many of them and many were commercial.

Then I landed up in

It is called DoiMenu.

The menu was simple and very effective. It was working almost in all the browsers. This was written by Mr. Donna Iwan Setiawan. He has made skining well with property kind. I like the object approach.. Still I am zero in objects I feel it is very easy to use….

You can download the source file from here.

Doi Menu

Then I downloaded the same and wrote a small class so that I can port the menu dynamically in asp pages. So that something like this is possible.

You can download the working example of Doi Menu JavaScript with Asp

New Base36 Method

I was developing a small utility for my brother Fathah to generate a barcode of all the items in shop.

I was not happy with the normal id method it’s so generic and everyone is using the same thing. So I thought of doing a new base including numbers and alphabets. So my new base36 include digits from 0-9 and A-Z.

One place holder has to rotate 35 times to increase the next place holder. I don’t whether it allowed in computing world. But is seems to me it can compress huge numbers very easily.

For Example

Base 10 = 46655232
Base 36 = ARRZEO

Base 10 = 2176782335
Base 36 = ZZZZZ it is the maximum in 5 digit.

I have implemented this in Visual basic and I am not sure how far it is optimized for speed. It will crash if really calculating big numbers :-). If any one does a better one please forward it to me.

You can download this module which is in class format.

Base36 Code.

Have Fun…

Plugin Organizer

Plugin Name : Organizer

For WordPress : 1.5.X

Version : 0.6.2 beta

The features of this plugin are very much limited now. I really want to add more features to this plugin but it has to be of some use to all.

The features currently implemented in this plugin are.

+ Browse Function
– Browse files in upload folder.
– Set the type of files to be browsed from options page.
– Set no of files to show in page in options page.
+ File Functions
– + Rename a file.
– – Auto correct filenames in post.
– – Checks if the destination file is used by any post.
– + Copy of a file.
– – Checks if the destination file is used by any post.
– + Delete a file.
– – If that file is used by any post then it will not allow to delete
+ Image Functions
– + Resize Images
– – It supports jpg, png, and gif(if supported by your GD).
+ Misc Functions
– Get Image display and download HTML code for image files.
– Get download HTML code for files.
– Check if plugin update is available.
+ General Settings
– Files function displayed according to the type.
– File permission and directory permissions are checked.

Next release will be having more image manipulation functions.

Current Organizer plugin version 0.6.2 beta.
WordPress Plugin Repository – Organizer.

1. Copy files and directories inside wp-admin to your wp-admin folder.
2. Copy files inside wp-content/plugins to wordpress wp-content/plugins folder.
3. Goto to Plugins page in wordpress and activate the Organizer plugin.
4. Once the plugin is activated.
5. You will see a menu named Organizer, click the same and have fun..!!

Old Archives
Organizer plugin version 0.6.1 beta.
Organizer plugin version 0.5 beta.
Organizer plugin version 0.4 beta.

Change Log
22-May-2005 – Version 0.6.2b
– Fixed fews minor issues in file class
– Added auto update checking in about page.
– Test fully with latest revision of wordpress 2614.
09-May-2005 – Version 0.6.1b
– Added image resize feature
08-May-2005 – Version 0.5b
– Fixed few minor issues in file function
07-May-2005 – Version 0.5b
– Added more features to file browsing class
– Added image related functions
– Added file rename feature
– Added file copy feature
– Added file delete feature
– Added html code generation feature
04-May-2005 – Version 0.4b
– First public release. Sample screen shots.

Organizer Screenshot
Organizer Screenshot 1.
Organizer Screenshot 2.

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