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Meta tags are important for seo

Today I was searching for the keyword “emirates driving” to locate Dubai Emirates Driving Institute website and I came across this on the search result I was shocked to see the description in the search result ;-). Then I inspected the code of the website which gave me lot of…

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Javascript Library jquery

For past few days I was playing around with this javascript library jquery which is really light and powerful. This was told by Nishanth from our company. He is a great fan of this tool and even I am one now. Some of examples to use this library $(“p.surprise”).addClass(“ohmy”).show(“slow”);…

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Blog update

It has been really long time since I posted something. It was totally a busy month at flip working on a new project. It was really exciting and the project is running on beta phase right now. Lot of bug fixes and feature requests are happening. Lot of my friends…

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