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Rocket Dosa fun with Saif

Imthiaz 1 Comment

After office work me and Saifudeen (saif) went to confirm my bus tickest as my flight to Chennai was bit expensive due to my extra baggage. After booking the ticket we both went for dinner and had ‘Rocket Dosa’ . . This picture was taken in Saif house in Trivandrum…

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Flip Media Trivandrum Lunch

Imthiaz 0 Comments

Two days back Dinesh and myself flew down to Flip’s office at Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum). It is really exciting to work with my colleagues with whom I have worked only messengers and telephone conversation. Yesterday we all went for nice lunch and some snap .. 😉 More to come .. 😛

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I Guess I have to Diet

Imthiaz 9 Comments

I was not well for past one week. Thought it was general sickness and it got worse so I went for a medical checkup. They checked up my blood pressure and informed me it bit high and I have to check up my height, weight, sugar etc etc. Surprisingly I…

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