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Dell Inspiron 630m – Fedora Core 6 Installation

Wow..!!! I am stunned after spending a whole day on Fedora core 6 installation on my Dell Inspiron 630m. I download the torrent DVD image and burnt it and started the fun. I have decided this time no Windows and and only Linux. Installation was smooth like silk and it rebooted the system. The system booted up and to my surprise booth display and sound was detected properly which saved a lot of time for me. Thanks to fedora team for doing great job.

Next step I installed some missing software to play video and music files. Please follow this site which gives you in depth to setup all the above in few commands.

Fedora fun..!!!

Fedora core 6 Review

Should I say YUM is kick ass tool in fedora. If you want anything just yum it and it does the job for you. I was not able to configure my wifi. But my card is detected properly. In few days I will figure it out ;-).

Just enable Desktop Effects then comes the real fun. I cannot explain the same please install and experience for yourself.

Fedora core 6 screenshot

Just Explore these key once you finish everything. Should I say Kick ass…!!! 😀
ctrl + alt + down = unfold
ctrl + alt + right/left = next/back cube face
ctrl + alt + + shift+ right/left = next/back cube face, with current window
ctrl + alt + Button1 (usually left click) = rotate cube
ctrl + alt + d = show desktop
alt + tab = switch window
pause = Scale / Previously exposé
super + mouse scroll = zoom
alt + scroll = transparency

Dubai Desert Party

It was nice fun yesterday in the desert partying with my friend Sajid Rehman. It is a long story so I cannot write much. Lot of adventure driving the wrangler jeep in the desert.

Dubai Desert Party

Moral of the trip : For American vehicles press clutch to start it. We learnt that in hard way after coming back from party. 😉

Busy Linux Week.

It has been another busy week for me. Busy with eid celebration and I was exploring some stuff with wordpress, linux and seo. I got really annoyed with using windows on my laptop so I wanted to install some linux for a change. I started with Ubuntu by downloading the latest version from their website. My luck was really bad it keep saying unable to read media. So i tried different dvd burner software and nothing gave me a good bootable cd. From that I found the iso they gave is a bad one.

The next step was to download openSUSE. This time I wanted to perform direct web install using yast. I was sucessfull in loading the iso and making it run. Wow it ran for 3 hrs saying reading packages information and made my system non responsive. So I dropped the idea of continuing with SUSE.

The next was my fav distro Fedora. I used the torrent to download the dvd iso and successfully installed the same on my Dell inspiron 630m laptop. Everything looked fine except for my sound and wifi. I solved the sound issue by updating to the latest kernel. I tried installing intel drivers to make my wifi work and no use nothing worked out.

Today I found Fedora core 6 is out. No chance to wait. Downloading the torrent ;-). Some cool features being Kernel 2.18, Gnome.16 and much more. Shall update my fun on FC6 soon. 😀

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