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TinyMCE remove height & width from image

It is so annoying the TinyMCE editor image plugin saving the height and width of the image. You can turn it off in the settings.

There are other settings available for the image plugin please visit here for details.

Twitter Security Issue, Don’t use your main password

Today my friend was writing a small application to post updates to twitter. We found that the API is not secure (does not use SSL). I installed network packet capture programs and was able to capture the request headers what the twitter client was sending. It was basic authorization which is encoded using base64.


Is there anyway you can avoid this?

  • For now use simple password until twitter updates their API with SSL
  • Don’t fight with your network administrators 😉

Google web monopoly next milestone Chrome

Google has released its new browser “Chrome” today. It is released as beta (I really don’t understand what is the meaning of beta in Google. Can you believe Gmail) for windows alone. This browser is based on webkit rendering engine. which gives web developers a big relief in rendering issues and web standards. The good feature in chrome I really loved about is each tab runs in its own sand boxed environment. When an tab crashes it only the tab and not the whole browser.

Next step was to download the browser and test it. It was amazingly fast. And really felt the browser was really light. I loved the simple and efficent GUI. Creating application out web was really smart move. There is no option for extending the browser with extension and themes. May be it is on it way.

Will Google target it like Adobe Air?
Will Google create more API inside chrome to support their web application ?
Have thousands of question rising up my mind and only time will tell those answers. But these guys are planning big time to reach more market share in web. They have already started to advertise about the new browser on Google homepage.

Google Chrome Browser

Will chrome dominate the browser wars by end of this decade ?????

Will Mozilla Firefox 3 set a new download world record ?

Download Day - English

Will Mozilla Firefox 3 set a new download world record ? In less than 45 minutes the download day is starting for Firefox 3 to start the count for breaking a new world record in most download software in 24 hours.

I wish them luck and I will download my copy as soon as it is released 😀 working again

Long long ago I had this crazy Idea of building a bloggers directory. Then I started project with my brother Ravoof and friend Yogi. The idea of the project was to unite all bloggers by thier country, interest and zodiac. Which you might think really funny now since blogging and web has changed a lot in past few years.

The project first came live at 9th of April 2005. I was updating the website till I came to Dubai. After I moved to Dubai I migrated all my site from a hosting company to another one. During the migration some files got currupted and I was not able to restore the functionality of the site. Today I finally forced myself to update the site and to make it work.

I still have some crazy ideas to work on the site but the time is only factor. May be I should organize myself to get more time. I don’t want to stop working on this as it as good search ranking and it is already listed in dmoz directory.

Some screen shot of the website.

If you are blogger please register on this site and help it grow 🙂

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