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BSD, SSH and PHP on my iPhone

Tonight I installed BSD system on my iPhone. Once that is complete I installed openSSH, Term-vt100. I opened terminal and changed my root password using the command passwd.

I found the ip of the iPhone using the command ifconfig. Latter I was able to connect to the iPhone using ssh from my laptop ;-). I was even able to ftp files to my iphone over SSH.

I Installed apache, php edited httpd.conf and I was able to run php scripts from my iPhone. It has all the basic modules that is needed to write a simple powerful application with sqlite. Taken a screenshot too 😉

BSD, SSH and PHP on my iPhone

Wow this gadget is really amazing 😀

Finally got an iPhone in Dubai

iphone picture

Yesterday I got a new iPhone. I am really grateful to Yousef for bringing me such a wonderful gadget. With tips from my friend Iyad I was able to make it work in U.A.E. Everything was smooth and works like a charm.This is the best mobile I have ever used in my life. The iPhone I got had firmware 1.1.1 and I used this website to make it work.

I am really happy now 😀

Hayah Film Competition now accepting submissions

The Hayah Film Competition. presented by Abu Dhabi Women’s College and EmiratesMac Apple User Group has just started accepting Submissions of films for the competition. Films can be submitted in three categories: Student, Professional, and Amateur. Films compete for a cash prize in each category and the chance to attend the final award ceremony of the Middle East International Film Festival at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi on October 19. The competing films have to be in an iPod compatible format, and they should be no longer than five minutes long. Films can be uploaded through the web site. We’d like to thank Imthiaz Rafiq, a member of the EmiratesMac Apple User Group for writing the film submission and uploading functionality. This would not have been possible without his assistance. — Magnus Nystedt, President EmiratesMac Apple User Group

Source – EmiratesMac website

Hi Magnus thanks for mentioning me in your post. I know how much you were behind me to get this done 😉

My best wishes for the site and I hope it is a big success 😀

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