Capacitive touch Drumkit with Raspberry Pi using MRP121

Couple of weeks ago I backed a new project Touch Board: Interactivity Everywhere on kickstater. This project excited me so much and I couldn’t wait for the finished product to arrive in March. I started to search for capacitive touch chips and finally landed on MPR121 breakout board on Sparkfun. Ordered them and received it… Continue reading Capacitive touch Drumkit with Raspberry Pi using MRP121

Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration

“If pop producer Timbaland had sought to build consensus around declaring independence, what might he have produced?” Concept video from Soomo Publishing Timbaland – Apologize (feat. One Republic) Hope you enjoyed watching both videos 🙂

Michael Jackson dancing for Tamil song

Today I found this crazy video remixed for Tamil song where Micheal Jackson is dancing for it. Hilarious..!!!! This is the original song from the Tamil movie. Please keep in mind when you watch Tamil movies laws of physics cannot be applied. Hope you had cool fun 😉