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Installed wordpress 2.1 and changed permalink

Today I installed the latest wordpress 2.1 and everything is cool as usual. There are so many new features and it very fats. I really like the new editor with both tinymce and normal one. The best part is autosave which is rocking.

I tested both of my plugins organizer and wp-pda and both works without any isses as far as I know.

I wanted to change my blog permalink without affecting and with proper 301 redirect. So I wrote a small plugin and that does the job so nicely now. If you like to do it for your blog just download it and modify whatever needed for you.

Rewrite hack plugin I wrote to change my permalink with 301 redirect

WordPress rock 😀

SSH tunneling in mac

Today I wanted to connect to office internal server to particular port. But the server and port are not available on public. So I had to connect to gateway server by ssh and tunnel through it to connect to internal server.

SSH tunneling in mac

In windows it was easy to do using putty. Since there was no putty on mac I was lost a bit. Then this article helped me 😉

The above article explains it all so no point writing the info here 😛

Install or update PHP 5 on Centos

I tried compiling PHP 5.2 on CentOS but after so many tries I gave up. I was getting struck at compiling PHP with gd. And without gd it was useless. So I decided to yum and install the same.

By default if you use yum install php it will be install only php 4 series and not 5. In order to install version 5 I had to enable repo centosplus.

yum install php –enablerepo=centosplus


yum update php –enablerepo=centosplus

I came across another interesting repo for yum by kbsingh and after installing I was able to install a lot more. If you are interested please check out this website

Have fun !! 😉

WordPress Complete book by Hasin Hayder

Wordpress Complete book by Hasin Hayder

WordPress Complete book by Hasin Hayder

Kshipra Singh from Packt Publishing requested me write a review about their new book on wordpress. I got the book from them 2 days back. Being an user of wordpress for more than 3 years now I have never read a book about wordpress so I was excited to read it. The Books covers lot of topics in different perspective for a person to start blogging. For example installation by manually, from cpannel and upgrading etc.

Some of the topics they have covered in this book

  • Installation
  • Managing post, categories, comments
  • How to play with themes and some trips and tricks on css
  • Plugin and some sample code how to write a plugin. Not fully documented
  • Explains about widgets plugin
  • Tips and tricks on using wordpress

My comment it is very useful book for a new user who is very much new to wordpress. They have explained it nicely. It will not help advanced wordpress user that much.

Started Organizer

After so much time I really started working on my plugin organizer. This time I am rewriting everything from scratch. I am not sure how much time it will take for me to complete the plugin. I am writing in my free time which I hardly have these days. I am sure I can release by the time wordpress 2.1 hits the road. Some feature I like do in this version.

  • It will have almost all the features of previous organizer
  • Text editing which is asked by some users
  • Multiple file uploads
  • Ability to edit title and description in database
  • Ability to find orphan files
  • Other than this planning to have some fun with ajax wherever possible
  • Using smarty to separate php and html logic
  • Fully class based since I had some issues with other plugins which caused wordpress to break
  • This organizer is based on wordpress 2.1 and will work only on that and does not work on previous versions
  • Its need GD by default 🙁 and I hope this will not be an issue. Almost all server has this
  • Cannot think of anything more now 🙂

I can see some good changes in wordpress 2.1 and more hooks which maked life more easier. Its much faster and it is very light. Once again its wordpress team and they cannot be bad 😉

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