WordPress PDA & iPhone

WordPress PDA plugin enables the wordpress blog viewable for PDA and iPhone browsers. It is really simple plugin which detects the browser agent and loads a simple theme on fly. The plugin comes with a theme folder which acts like normal theme with all the functionality of wordpress theme.

The plugin doesn’t have any advanced option to control. If you want to customize you can do it with the theme files.

Installation of this plugin is simple and straight forward. Just extract the files in you wordpress plugins folder. And in the admin activate the plugin

Once you activate the plugin you will not be seeing any magic in your admin menus or any trace of this plugin :-). To see this plugin in action you have browse your site using a pda. I have installed the plugin in my blog and this is how it looks from a pda browser.

worpress pda plugin preview

To enable your blog for pda users just download and activate 😉

Download PDA plugin for wordpress 2.x

Please note iPhone theme is still in beta testing stage. I will be working on more updates on the same soon. Please read the FAQ if you want to disable iPhone theme integration.

Thanks to Martin Loyer for adding theme language support and French Translation.

Thanks to Zombix for providing a working demo of the pda plugin


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  4. Hi,
    I have installed plug in and out of the sudden while typing a homepage address http://www.smarthero.eu (on iOS) is being automatically redirected to http://www.smarthero.eu/CZ — and it shows 404 page. I have already deactivated the plugin but still iOS shows the same error.

    I like the app, but it seems it has somehow configure the mobi web incorrectly and now it influenced the whole web visibility even without the plugin.

    Can you pls help??

  5. Hello. This works excellent! I want to say thank you!
    By the way, I want to skip this plugin’s job when it’s in the “page”.
    How can I skip ?

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