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Messaging SDK and Chat API for Mobile Apps and Websites

Couple of days ago I was doing some research to build / integrate chat module for one of our client’s app. The client wanted a simple chat application for their enterprise where each employee can chat easily with others in the company. Reinventing the whole wheel would cost a big fortune for developing and maintaining the technology. Running cost has to be kept as minimum as possible. After doing some searching and testing these are they platform I was really happy with. I have given my review on each platform and I hope it helps.


  • Very strong platform
  • Bot support
  • So many vendors and app integration makes this platform very extendable
  • Perfect platform for small team who work in DevOps mode
  • If you are building custom App, no SDK available for iOS/Android
  • No push notification for custom apps
  • Very expensive if you need ingrate with large team.


  • More focussed on Chat application
  • Bot Support
  • SDK available if you need to build your custom App for iOS and Android
  • Push notification support
  • Free model available and if you need enterprise options and more users you can pay for the same.


  • More like SendBrid
  • Looks more mature than Sendbird
  • SDK available if you need to build your custom App for iOS and Android
  • Push notification support
  • Only 30 days trial available then only paid version.

One more QuickBlox and I didn’t have much time to explore this version.

Please feel free to let me know if my review above needs any correction….

Released new Amazon S3 Plugin for wordpress

Couple of months before one of my friend was asking about Amazon S3 plugin for wordpress. For me most of them were either complicated or not working. So my main focus of the plugin was to be really simple and in the same time effective. I would say I have kind of achieved the goal to some extend in version 1.0 of this plugin release.

The toughest part in the plugin is to configure the Amazon S3 Setting, create a folder for caching and setup the wordpress cron file. Once these settings are done you don’t have to worry about anything else. The plugin will look for media files in your post and automatically schedule the files for amazon upload. Once the file is uploaded the media urls will be from the CDN. There are no changes done in your database and if you disable the plugin everything will go back to the old state.

Download WordPress Amazon S3 Plugin

WordPress Amazon S3 Plugin

More information on WordPress Amazon S3 Plugin

To create rounded rectangular views using iPhone SDK

To create view with rounded corners is really simple in iPhone SDK 3.0 in just 2 steps

Step 1: Include QuartzCore

Step 2: You can now add corner radius to any view

Sample Code: Click to download. In the sample I have done a image view and a loading view with rounded corners. This sample will work only with iPhone SDK 3.0 and above.

If you had got the chance to look at iPhone SDK 3.2 beta you will be surprised to see more exciting stuff that is been added to CALayer 😀

To learn Cocoa (Objective-C) / iPhone programming

Now I am a comfortable Mac OS X user. More than a user I am a huge fan of it. I was a power user of Windows and I used to write system software using Visual Basic and Visual C++. To be honest I was big fan of Win32 API. Mostly I create lot of activeX controls for companies and I have even released few controls as open source. After moving to web I have stopped sharpening my development skills on system side. Mostly not having time and the patience to learn new things.

For the past 6 months I was getting an interest to learn Cocoa (Objective-C) programming. One of the main reason is to write some personal software for Mac and to get into iPhone application development. The adoption rate for Macs is increasing steadily and it is a good idea to learn how things are done there.

I tried all different methods online to learn and nothing was successful. So I decided to go on shopping for big list of books through which I am sure I will at least learn a bit 😉

Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X For DummiesCocoa(R) Programming for Mac(R) OS XAdvanced Mac OS X Programming

Xcode 3 UnleashediPhone Application Development For DummiesBeginning iPhone Development- Exploring the iPhone SDK

Yes I am little crazy I have bought books worth around USD150. I have posted the books above in the same sequence in which I am planning to read. I am half way to complete cocoa for dummies and I should say I know a bit how Xcode works now 🙂

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