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TinyMCE remove height & width from image

It is so annoying the TinyMCE editor image plugin saving the height and width of the image. You can turn it off in the settings.

There are other settings available for the image plugin please visit here for details.

Redesigned my blog template

It has been really long time since I worked on my blog to improve the look and feel. I keep doing this once in while since I usually get annoyed at look at the blog with same template. This time I was fascinated with the template from YG Desire. I downloaded the theme and made the customization what I had done in my old theme. Once I have completed I decided to drop my old light box code and I moved to jquery light box.

One thing I hated the most in light box is to edit each link for the image and update with class and rel code. Based on the new theme I wrote a small snippet which will insert the needed class and other attributes for the light box to work.

[code language=’javascript’] $(document).ready(function(){
$(‘div.entry img’).each(function(){

Demo :

The above code will search for all images in my post div and if the parent is a link it will add the needed attributes to the link. Well it is working fine if the link is an image. Have to add a check and lazy to do it 😀

My sidebar is always big and I am greedy to show lot of links like archives, tags, pages etc. The template I selected looked well for accordion style listing. So I made the sidebar into an accordion panel.

I removed old  highlight plugin and I changed the same with syntax highlight wordpress plugin. Well my blog looks very cool with new code hightlight feature. Here after sharing code snippet will not be a problem.

Phew that is a lot of work I have done the whole day. I started simple and got involved and worked the whole day on this. Now my blog looks great with new features 😉

Javascript Library jquery

For past few days I was playing around with this javascript library jquery which is really light and powerful.
This was told by Nishanth from our company. He is a great fan of this tool and even I am one now.

Some of examples to use this library


The selectors are really powerful and makes life very easier. Samples

Hide all Paragraph elements that contain a link:


Show the first paragraph on the page:


Hide all divs that are currently showing:


Get all list items that are children of an unordered list:

/* valid too: $(“ul > li”) */

Get all Paragraphs, with a class of ‘foo’, that have a link in them:


Get list item that contains link with “Register” text inside:


Get the input field’s value with the name of ‘bar’:


All checked radio buttons:


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