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iPhone RSS Reader with source code

Last week I had prepared simple RSSReader application for demoing at Arabnet Shift Digital Summit. Since there was not much time to really explain I had to cut short my presentation with a very basic application demo. I promised to few programmers at Arabnet that I will release the source code for this application on my blog.

Unlike my previous version of RSSReader this version is much cleaner and simple to understand. Removed lots of unwanted methods and made it as simple as possible to understand. When I released the last RSSReader code I received lots of emails asking for updates and some people wanted to fix and update few things to it. To enable all this I am releasing this source code at gitHub.

This source code does not have any license nor warranty. Please feel free to use this in any of your projects and don’t have to email me.

Enjoy, Happy Coding 😉

iPhone SDK base64 encode / decode

I found this useful class for base64 encoding / decoding. It is written by Kiichi Takeuchi


Sample Usage

Download base64 encode / decode class

iPhone SDK generate MD5 Hash of a string

This function will help you generate MD5 hash of a given string



iPhone SDK convert hex color string to UIColor

This function will help you to convert hex color string to UIColor



Auto Increment Build Number & Date in XCode iPhone Project

While developing application we keep sharing the builds with others. It is very difficult to find out which version they are using and the date it was build. To overcome this I was searching for methods that can used to auto increment build numbers and set the application build date. I found this article really useful.

Incrementing Build Numbers in Xcode

To that script I made few changes to suit my needs.

Please make sure you have added two variables “CFBuildNumber” and “CFBuildDate” in Project-Info.plist

You can access the version information using the following code

Hope this helps 😉

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