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Fun With Raspberry Pi, Able-HD monitor as Media Center Using XBMC

Last week I received an email from Able-HD monitor team that my screen is shipped and it’s tracking number. They apologized for being late with the tracking code. When I tracked the shipment it had already arrived in my postbox and been waiting for a week. I went immediately and collected it before they sent it back for not collecting. After collecting I tested using Apple TV and it was gorgeous. The only comment I have to the Able-HD team is the connector is very small, if it was little longer it would have been better placing the driver circuit and the LED screen properly.

Later during the weekend I took my Raspberry Pi and decided to make it a home media center and to use the new screen. After many trials installing XBMC I was successful in running Raspbmc successfully in a decent speed.

I was able to play movies in airplay and it was playing okay.

Verdict: Raspberry Pi needs more memory to buffer 😉

Amazon IAM Policy – Readonly Access to single s3 bucket

IAM policy can be used to give readonly access to a single S3 bucket in Amazon cloud for a particular user.

Why would Sony ATV block embedded video in Facebook not Google Plus ?

As usual I was sharing a video with my friends on Facebook and now on Google Plus. I found something strange. Sony ATV had blocked embedded playback in youtube for Facebook.

And the same video is playing on the embedded player in Google Plus…

Now my question is? Is it Sony ATV blocking it on Facebook or Google Plus not respecting this rule ?????

The movie I shared is a simple short film in Tamil “Claravin Pravin Tamil Short film by YesKay“. It is good one watch if you have time 🙂

Book Review – WordPress 3 Complete

“WordPress 3 Complete” book written by April Hodge Silver is a excellent guide to kickstart, tweak and to play with your wordpress blog. This books comprises of 11 chapters which covers from installing wordpress to writing your own plugin (This book author recommends some programming knowledge in PHP, HTML and CSS).

Chapters covered in this book 

  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Getting Started
  • Creating Blog Content
  • Pages, Plugins, Image Galleries Menus, and More
  • Choosing and Installing Themes
  • Developing Your Own Theme
  • Feeds and Podcasting
  • Developing Plugins and Widgets
  • Community Blogging
  • Creating a Non-Blog Website
  • Administrator’s Reference

Each chapter is explained with screenshot, examples, code snippet and reference if you want to learn a particular topic in detail. I would recommend this book to everyone who are new to wordpress and wants to customize your blog with custom themes and plugin.

You can buy this book from the following store

WordPress 3 Complete by April Hodge Silver From Packt Publishing

WordPress 3 Complete by April Hodge Silver From Amazon

Energy & Dynamic Braking

Energy: You can’t destroy it, but you can certainly waste it. That’s what most motorized vehicles do, including trains. Usually, the energy generated when you stop a moving vehicle is dissipated as heat, and is lost to the atmosphere. With GE’s ecomagination we’ve discovered that you can capture and store that energy, then reuse it – that’s how our hybrid systems work. Watch the video to see a simple illustration of the physics behind dynamic braking. Keep in mind an object’s force is measured in newtons, using the equation force = Mass x Acceleration.

Good to break the silence after a long time….. 😉

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