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Released new Amazon S3 Plugin for wordpress

Couple of months before one of my friend was asking about Amazon S3 plugin for wordpress. For me most of them were either complicated or not working. So my main focus of the plugin was to be really simple and in the same time effective. I would say I have kind of achieved the goal to some extend in version 1.0 of this plugin release.

The toughest part in the plugin is to configure the Amazon S3 Setting, create a folder for caching and setup the wordpress cron file. Once these settings are done you don’t have to worry about anything else. The plugin will look for media files in your post and automatically schedule the files for amazon upload. Once the file is uploaded the media urls will be from the CDN. There are no changes done in your database and if you disable the plugin everything will go back to the old state.

Download WordPress Amazon S3 Plugin

WordPress Amazon S3 Plugin

More information on WordPress Amazon S3 Plugin

Breaking the silence after a long time.

It has been a while since I wrote anything on the blog. I don’t want to give any excuse as it was mostly being lazy. After a while I started to get a feeling what to blog and I was really running out of topics. Yesterday I got an email from WordPress team that their new version 3.0 is out. This gave me a reason to goto my blog and start updating the software. As usual the upgrade was smooth as silk and everything worked spot on. I even upgraded my plugins and themes so everything works fine. All my plugins except organizer is working fine in the latest wordpress 3.0

Apart from that I was busy past month updating iPhone app Naviflix. The new version is already submitted to the app store. Once it is approved I will share some the hurdles I crossed while development.

Some of my friends requested me to write a plugin which helps to move the media files in their blog to Amazon S3. I have written a simple plugin and once I get the space in wordpress subversion I will be posting more details about the same. I have uploaded my niece Afifa picture below.

If my plugin is working fine it should be serving the image from the S3 cdn.

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