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Taking snaps early morning in sharjah

Today morning I woke up early and couldn’t sleep again. So I took my camera went out to take some picture. I went to 2 place one near Sharjah corniche a mosque and kasba. I took some random 120 snaps and out of which few I think it is good and here it is.

Mosque Mosque door Kasba wall

Kasba light Kasba Bench

Hope it is nice 😀

Ads space on my blog

I got a mail from one hosting company that they wanted to place an ad in my linux category page. They are ready to offer me 39$ for it per year. I am wondering if that price is okay to go with or it too cheap. I get better pay from Google adsense.

If anyone feels that it is a good price to go ahead let me know. I am thinking like 100$ to 150$ per year.

Don’t know bit confused about this 😀

Traffic status on my blog

Two weeks back I cleaned up my blog categories. There was too many of them and most of it was hardly having more posts in it. I was expecting a potential drop in my traffic due to search engine. I thought it would be better to do it now than latter. So I went ahead and cleaned it up. As I was expecting there was a good drop in referrals by search engines. When I say search engines my main contributor will be Google. Other ones only scan my website with crawlers and they don’t give me back any visitors which is too bad.

Crawler stats

That was a big list. Good to see that most of them visit to my blog on a daily basis. If I compare with referrals given back to only Google is fair enough

Referal stats

I am really glad to see that so many visitors coming to my blog from different search engine sources. One more thing I am happy about is Yahoo is sending some bunch of new visitors recently which is really a good sign. I hope my traffic will conditions will improve 😀

Google’s offline office suite – Google Gears

I remember one interview where Dr. Eric Schmidt CEO of Google mentioning that Google apps is never a competition to Microsoft Office suite. If you keep an eye on the features that is being added on to the spreadsheets in apps is very much satisfactory for a normal users who wants to maintain a simple basic sheet.

One deadly weapon in apps is the ability for collaborative work. Everything is just fun as an application. What is very wrong with apps is not still adopted much by people over MS office. In-ability of apps to be used while your offline from internet.

With this new approach of Google gears it will be soon implemented on Google apps. We can very soon can expect offline gmail, offline spreadsheet, offline docs etc etc. Fingers crossed 😉

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