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Abu Dhabi Veteran Journalist Launches First Professional Blog Dedicated To UAE History, Culture And Traditions

ABU DHABI, UAE, 19.08.2017Traditzia ( is the first digital magazine written in blog format dedicated to the arts, culture, heritage, history and traditions of United Arab Emirates in particular and the Arab Gulf in general.

Since its launch, on June 12, 2017, Traditzia has witnessed a remarkable growth, reaching over 1,000 readers monthly and over 6,800 social media followers.

Stories such as the history of photography in Arabia, as old as the first photographic camera, myths and superstitions hidden in the patterns of Arabian jewellery, the oldest hotel in the UAE, built as a wedding venue for HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the UAE President, have attracted readers not only from the UAE, but also from USA, UK, New Zeeland, Japan, Tunisia, India and Saudi Arabia.


“I’ve launched Traditzia with the English language expat communities in mind. Non-Arabic speakers living in the UAE and elsewhere in the Arab Gulf countries, or those interested in this region, have limited resources to information about the history, culture and heritage of the Peninsula. As expected, a lot of material is published in Arabic language, but in English there are only a handful of books on these subjects and even those are hard to find,” said Silvia Radan, the founder and editor of Traditzia.

A veteran journalist based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Silvia Radan has over 20 years experience in media, the last 11 years being in the UAE. She worked as a senior journalist for Khaleej Times, where she covered mainly the local arts, culture and heritage topics, as well as the hospitality industry and environment. She is also an author with essays published in two books: she wrote the UAE history chapter in Time to Shine, a coffee-table book published by the UAE Ministry of Economy; and an essay on visual communication published in 20, a Higher Colleges of Technology anthology marking its 20th anniversary, a book of essays written by various Nobel Prize laureates, world leaders and world renown environmentalists, economists, academicians and writers.

“Over the years, I’ve created an incredible amount of research and have access to plenty of sources and resources. The reason I came to Abu Dhabi all these years ago was to discover the Emirati culture, lifestyle and traditions. I’ve made many friends among them, friendships as strong as family bonds that led to expanding my horizon about their roots,” added Ms. Radan.

For now, Traditzia is a weekly blog, with new material published every Wednesday. Apart from the main blog articles there are also a section for upcoming events related to the website’s topics and a photo gallery with all images available for sale.

“I encourage all my readers to interact with Traditzia. Send in your comments, thoughts and suggestions. Do you have a specific subject you would like to know about? Send me an email suggesting a topic! You may find contact details on the website itself – – or on Traditzia’s social media channels – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,” concluded Ms. Radan.

Messaging SDK and Chat API for Mobile Apps and Websites

Couple of days ago I was doing some research to build / integrate chat module for one of our client’s app. The client wanted a simple chat application for their enterprise where each employee can chat easily with others in the company. Reinventing the whole wheel would cost a big fortune for developing and maintaining the technology. Running cost has to be kept as minimum as possible. After doing some searching and testing these are they platform I was really happy with. I have given my review on each platform and I hope it helps.


  • Very strong platform
  • Bot support
  • So many vendors and app integration makes this platform very extendable
  • Perfect platform for small team who work in DevOps mode
  • If you are building custom App, no SDK available for iOS/Android
  • No push notification for custom apps
  • Very expensive if you need ingrate with large team.


  • More focussed on Chat application
  • Bot Support
  • SDK available if you need to build your custom App for iOS and Android
  • Push notification support
  • Free model available and if you need enterprise options and more users you can pay for the same.


  • More like SendBrid
  • Looks more mature than Sendbird
  • SDK available if you need to build your custom App for iOS and Android
  • Push notification support
  • Only 30 days trial available then only paid version.

One more QuickBlox and I didn’t have much time to explore this version.

Please feel free to let me know if my review above needs any correction….

TinyMCE remove height & width from image

It is so annoying the TinyMCE editor image plugin saving the height and width of the image. You can turn it off in the settings.

There are other settings available for the image plugin please visit here for details.

Symfony: Adding custom route by code during runtime

During development we always come across situation where you need to add custom routes based on some settings based from the user. In this case we cannot use any of the standard methods like annotation and configuration files in symfony.

In this case you need to use a services and hooks to inject your custom route rules during runtime.

1) In your bundles under Resources\Config\services.yml add the following

2) Now we need to create a class RoutingService.php

3) Now in your main routing.yml please include these lines

4) Once you are done please make sure you clear cache both env

5) Now the custom route should be loaded in.. Please make sure if you add more routes make sure the cache is cleared.

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