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Plugin Organizer

Plugin Name : Organizer

For WordPress : 1.5.X

Version : 0.6.2 beta

The features of this plugin are very much limited now. I really want to add more features to this plugin but it has to be of some use to all.

The features currently implemented in this plugin are.

+ Browse Function
– Browse files in upload folder.
– Set the type of files to be browsed from options page.
– Set no of files to show in page in options page.
+ File Functions
– + Rename a file.
– – Auto correct filenames in post.
– – Checks if the destination file is used by any post.
– + Copy of a file.
– – Checks if the destination file is used by any post.
– + Delete a file.
– – If that file is used by any post then it will not allow to delete
+ Image Functions
– + Resize Images
– – It supports jpg, png, and gif(if supported by your GD).
+ Misc Functions
– Get Image display and download HTML code for image files.
– Get download HTML code for files.
– Check if plugin update is available.
+ General Settings
– Files function displayed according to the type.
– File permission and directory permissions are checked.

Next release will be having more image manipulation functions.

Current Organizer plugin version 0.6.2 beta.
WordPress Plugin Repository – Organizer.

1. Copy files and directories inside wp-admin to your wp-admin folder.
2. Copy files inside wp-content/plugins to wordpress wp-content/plugins folder.
3. Goto to Plugins page in wordpress and activate the Organizer plugin.
4. Once the plugin is activated.
5. You will see a menu named Organizer, click the same and have fun..!!

Old Archives
Organizer plugin version 0.6.1 beta.
Organizer plugin version 0.5 beta.
Organizer plugin version 0.4 beta.

Change Log
22-May-2005 – Version 0.6.2b
– Fixed fews minor issues in file class
– Added auto update checking in about page.
– Test fully with latest revision of wordpress 2614.
09-May-2005 – Version 0.6.1b
– Added image resize feature
08-May-2005 – Version 0.5b
– Fixed few minor issues in file function
07-May-2005 – Version 0.5b
– Added more features to file browsing class
– Added image related functions
– Added file rename feature
– Added file copy feature
– Added file delete feature
– Added html code generation feature
04-May-2005 – Version 0.4b
– First public release. Sample screen shots.

Organizer Screenshot
Organizer Screenshot 1.
Organizer Screenshot 2.

Morning Hot Coffee

Having a strong hot coffee in this cold weather is fun…

Having Morning Coffee

Good cup show….
Having Morning Coffee

More nasty stuffs to follow very soon…. stay cool πŸ˜‰

Javascript Remote Scripting

Remote Scripting – Ashley IT Library is really a cool stuff. After the introduction of Gmail web interface everyone is fascinated with the speed and feature. Now almost all webmail providers have started to develop like Gmail. In fact they are trying to do much better version. This library enables use call your server and get part data in the form xml or raw data. You can use your own scripts to manipulate the data and display. Here the html layer plays an important role. In our company we have tired implementing this and it gave us fascinating results. Soon I am planning to rewrite my WordPress organizer plug-in using remote scripting. πŸ˜‰

Gowealthy IT Team

The above picture was taken during Gowealthy 1st Year Anniversary. Standing Left to right Mr. Abdul Ravoof, Mr. Suneer Ahamed, Mr. Abdu Rahiman, Mr. K.V. Sidharthan, Mr. K.V Mohandas, Mr. Bahrudeen and Mr. Imthiaz Rafiq. There is one important person left out Mr. Sajeer Ahamed who went on vacation during that time.

It is lots of fun and excitement working with this teamÒ€¦. πŸ˜€

my new pal @ office

DivyaMy new pal has asked me to write about her on my blog. And she also mentioned if she likes the write up I will get a good gift from her. Oh my god what should I write to get that gift from her. Should I tell the truth or try to impress her. Let me start…. πŸ˜‰

Her name is Divya, she has joined our office recently. She has finished her B.A tourism from Bangalore, India. She lives here at Sharjah with her parents and her brother. This is her first job after her studies. She was bit new to office atmosphere and scared a bit like all people. So we had little interaction at work related to work. Then we really started talking and became good friends. To be frank she is my first friend here and luckily a beautiful gal.

Back in India I always had so many friends and here it was opposite no friends. Then we become kind of real close friends. She is so sweet and always tells me what I am doing wrong at office. Sometimes I really loose control and act weird at office. Then she shouts at me like hell. And she try all possible methods to bring me back my good mood. I too help her sometimes at work. I teach her whatever I know. We keep silly bets and she always looses with me. And I trade movies with her for snickers ;-).

Two more people who have joined our team is Bahrudeen and Suneer. Now there is good fun in the office. Poor Divya is the scapegoat who gets caught with all of us and get teased royally. I shall update some picture of our new gang soon.

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