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Confused and tensed state

Hi bloggy

Lot of confusion and tension prevailing in my life right now. I am in the course of shifting my job. So I have started the work for migrating the job. So I am little worried and tensed what is gonna happen next next. But whatever it is I have to face it. The current job what I am gonna take brings me back to PHP :-). This one thing make me feel very happy and comfortable.

After a long time I am downloading Redhat Fedora Core 4 Stenz for working in Linux platform. And I heard the new company is working on Zend studio too. And I am gonna try out the Zend studio for the first time. I have coding in PHP for nearly more than 4 years now. But it was always my Editplus which helped to code. Now I am trying something new.

Bloggy I will keep you updated what is happening next next :-).

Gowealthy GLMS Launch

It was nice afternoon indeed. Expecting all the marketing executives to arrive from other offices.. 😉 (hot looking babes… hehehe)

The Meeting Gathering...

Mr. Peter Penhall addressing the marketing executives who attended the launch.

Peter Penhall Addressing the gathering..

Bahrudeen and Suneer preparing for the live project demo with laptops…. (Show offs :-D)

Bahrudeen and Suneer getting ready for the live project demo..

Next I tried presenting the project to all. I really donno how much they understood ;-). But they all applauded nicely since refreshments were up next hehehe 😛

Presenting the GLMS

Its hogging time … heheh nice food..I hogged a lot..


People Behind the scene, Bahrudeen, Suneer and me

People Behind the scene

Abdul Ravoof and Abdu Rahiman, the senior brothers :-P. Both of them gave ideas and support throughout the project. Ravoof helped us by giving nasty criticism which no one will ever dare give us. Abdu always helped us by getting the needed plug ins and software for development. Most of the time both these guys made our day worse.
ravoof and abdu

Mr. Mohandas, Lamiya, Divya, Gina and Nazia, our major support for the project. Mr. Mohandas needs a special mention since he was the one who kept pushing us to the limits and made all this possible. Divya and Nazia played a main role in beta testing the software. Lamiya and Gina helped with error messages and English. Heheh I accept my English sucks…. 🙂

Behind scene

Sajeer helped us with some design and Vipin did the network and system support.

sajeer and vipin

Last but not the least, Tharvieesh helped us a lot. He used to drop us back home after office hours, helped us in arranging the needed things for the presentation and also the food. He is a energetic young man who always needs some work to dooooooo… 😉


Did I forget to mention, Gina and Divya helped us by making coffee and tea whenever we asked them. But later we had to compensate the same by making coffee for them… 🙂

Movie at Mayajaal

Rajesh the model of our Gang.. 😀


Gang picture at mayajaal

Rajesh Lion

Rajesh Challenging the lion…. 🙂

David Lion

David keeping kombu for lion… 😉



We watched “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” like a comedy movie. We made fun of Naryan since his project manager came for the same movie and he was siting next to us. Guys we missed the whole gang there. Atleast this time we had chance to meet. Next year I don’t think so this many people will be there to meet. I like to highlight the old meetup. Where we took pictures and I made a card.. heheh so funny have a look..


Hey kiran I am sorry for exposing you like this but I cannot help it man… 😉 Please make your comments…. 😀

College Getogether

It was Sunday and all of us planned to meet up in college. We went to all places in the college and refreshed the our good old memories. It was really nice to see all the places in the college. Now the college front looks like a lover park 😉 heheh. So nice…

First Year Classroom

First Year Class Room

The Gang

Rajesh, Ram, Balan and David

David Guru

David Vijay…standing in front of our old class room…
Me and Narayan

Narayan and Me in Canteen… We got a paper notice guess what was David reaction…


He mada rocket….heheheheh after this Balan and Ram had some work so they left. We all went for Mayajaal for a movie.. 😀

Bakraa – Eravancheri Trip



Bloggy let me update some pictures what I took when I was on my vaccation. These picture were taken when I went to see my cousin in Eravancheri about from 30 Kms from Koothanallur….

Koothanallur - Courtesy Google Maps

On the way to Eravancheri

Me, Jaswardeen and Sadiq

Look at the beautiful place...

It was really nice trip. The climate was sexy and it was raining and cold and I enjoyed my trip in Yamaha…

Me in yahama...

This trip I can never forget…

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