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Dell inspiron 630m laptop…really cool

Dell inspiron 630m laptop

I bought a new Dell inspiron 630m laptop. It is powered with Intel centrino mobile 2.0GHZ technology. Ram 512MB. Hard disk 80 GB. DVD-Writer. It has 14.1 inch screen. The best thing I like in this laptop is its battery backup. When set to maximum battery mode, I can acheive around 3:45 to 4:00 hours easily. I really recommend this laptop to people who travel a lot. The laptop can charge the battery from 9% to 100% in less than 1:00 hr time or sometimes more :-D. This is gonna run as my personal workstation. No testing software on this fellow… 😉 😛

About my new job at Flip Media

Hi bloggy

I haven’t updated you for a really long time. Life is a little busy these days and am getting no time to relax. I have left Gowealthy for good and joined Flip Media in Dubai media city. I completed one month in the new company now. Life is really people and cool atmosphere. One thing I hate the most is traveling from Sharjah to Dubai. I was aware of this long back so I have to bear it. Another thing that happened this month is I re-wrote the Organizer plugin for wordpress and completed it successfully. So far around 400 people have downloaded it. Some reported bugs and nice features and I have implemented it too ;-).

Another thing I am learning in my new company is how to be perfect in handling the projects etc. I am yet to get close to people in the company. Shuja is the one who took interest in me and got this job for me. I really owe him one. Did I forget to mention Dubai media city is really hot.. ;-). I am meeting a lot of tech freaks here and exchanging ideas and trying to help each other. I will update you soon with some pictures if possible so till then keep cool…

Bye bloggy


WordPress Smarty Plugin

I love smarty templates so much. We can write simple templates to complex templates very easy in smarty.

Simple Templates

Complex Templates

I am working on to load smarty as a plugin to wordpress. if someone interested in making the templates for their blog admin plugins they can do 😀

Download a sample implementation here

WordPress Plugin Organizer 1.0

Hi All

I finally managed to complete the Organizer which is compactable with wordpress 2.0.X

Changelog since last version.

– Fixed plugin to work with wordpress 2.0.x
– Complete rewrite and all files stays in plugin folder
– Plugin works with PHP 5
– Installation is simple
– Added directory functionality
– Added file upload functionality
– Added create, rename and delete directoy
– Added replace functionality to attachment in wordpress
– Added thumnail feature to image files
– Added file icons to other files
– Added roles capability to the plugin
– Fixed replace post file names with converting names to hmtlentities
– Fixed image resize with imagecopyresampled
– Fixed minor paging problem in class filelist
– Fixed minor bugs in function routines

Download WordPress Organizer 1.0

Organizer Plugin Repository

Organizer supports roles. To fully utilize this feature please install worpress roler manager plugin.


Organizer Getting Ready

Organizer plugin is getting ready. This time I have added more features which can help the wordpress users more. Little busy with work and not finding time to sit, code and complete this plugin. I am trying my level best to complete and release the plugin by the end of this month. 😀


I was really lazy to do it again from scratch, but since so many users mailed and asked me for Organizer compatible with wordpress 2.0.X, I am forced to make it. 🙂

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