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Is Internet Explorer fading away…?

Is Internet Explorer fading away...?

I feel that internet explorer is fading away… I can see my blog statistics over past few months and percentage keep reducing :-). I personally hate Internet explorer and it too junky. I even tested the internet explorer 7 beta 2. But no use. I prefer my firefox with loaded extensions and developer tools. 😀

Dell inspiron 630m laptop…really cool

Dell inspiron 630m laptop

I bought a new Dell inspiron 630m laptop. It is powered with Intel centrino mobile 2.0GHZ technology. Ram 512MB. Hard disk 80 GB. DVD-Writer. It has 14.1 inch screen. The best thing I like in this laptop is its battery backup. When set to maximum battery mode, I can acheive around 3:45 to 4:00 hours easily. I really recommend this laptop to people who travel a lot. The laptop can charge the battery from 9% to 100% in less than 1:00 hr time or sometimes more :-D. This is gonna run as my personal workstation. No testing software on this fellow… 😉 😛

About my new job at Flip Media

Hi bloggy

I haven’t updated you for a really long time. Life is a little busy these days and am getting no time to relax. I have left Gowealthy for good and joined Flip Media in Dubai media city. I completed one month in the new company now. Life is really people and cool atmosphere. One thing I hate the most is traveling from Sharjah to Dubai. I was aware of this long back so I have to bear it. Another thing that happened this month is I re-wrote the Organizer plugin for wordpress and completed it successfully. So far around 400 people have downloaded it. Some reported bugs and nice features and I have implemented it too ;-).

Another thing I am learning in my new company is how to be perfect in handling the projects etc. I am yet to get close to people in the company. Shuja is the one who took interest in me and got this job for me. I really owe him one. Did I forget to mention Dubai media city is really hot.. ;-). I am meeting a lot of tech freaks here and exchanging ideas and trying to help each other. I will update you soon with some pictures if possible so till then keep cool…

Bye bloggy


WordPress Smarty Plugin

I love smarty templates so much. We can write simple templates to complex templates very easy in smarty.

Simple Templates

Complex Templates

I am working on to load smarty as a plugin to wordpress. if someone interested in making the templates for their blog admin plugins they can do 😀

Download a sample implementation here

WordPress Plugin Organizer 1.0

Hi All

I finally managed to complete the Organizer which is compactable with wordpress 2.0.X

Changelog since last version.

– Fixed plugin to work with wordpress 2.0.x
– Complete rewrite and all files stays in plugin folder
– Plugin works with PHP 5
– Installation is simple
– Added directory functionality
– Added file upload functionality
– Added create, rename and delete directoy
– Added replace functionality to attachment in wordpress
– Added thumnail feature to image files
– Added file icons to other files
– Added roles capability to the plugin
– Fixed replace post file names with converting names to hmtlentities
– Fixed image resize with imagecopyresampled
– Fixed minor paging problem in class filelist
– Fixed minor bugs in function routines

Download WordPress Organizer 1.0

Organizer Plugin Repository

Organizer supports roles. To fully utilize this feature please install worpress roler manager plugin.

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