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mStand for MacBook pro has arrived

After reading so many forums and reading online I found mStand from Rain design by far the coolest and best option for Macbook pro. It looks very simple and made up of solid piece of aluminum it matches exactly with my MacBook pro. I ordered it last week and I received it today. It was well packed and I received the good in a very good condition.

The next and the last item on the shopping list is to buy an Apple keyboard. If anyone is up for buying a sexy stand for their MacBook I really recommed them mStand.

Apple MacBook pro Windows Drivers

Today I wanted install windows over Bootcamp. I totally forgot I got to have the Leopard DVD for me to install windows drivers. I had left my DVD in Sharjah. So after installing windows I boot back to OSX and started to search of the windows drivers. I could not get any drivers. It was frustrating that I could not find any of the drivers. Some blogs had some post regarding this and nothing could help me out.

Apple should be giving direct downloads for these drivers from their website. Or link location where people can download the drivers if they have lost of misplaced the installation CDs.

If you anyone had luck in installing the drivers for windows for Macbook pro please drop me a line how you did it 😉

Logitech V470 Bluetooth Cordless Laser Mouse

Yesterday I was searching for some good wireless mouse in Sharaf DJ in Deira city center. Then I noticed one mouse which was from Logitech and it is on bluetooth. It was mentioned “Designed for Mac”. So I bought the mouse. It works well with my mac. Not too many buttons and has good range. No need to worry about any dongle 🙂

If anyone is planning to buy a mouse for your mac I really recommend this product.

Finally I got my new Macbook Pro

After so much struggle and fight with my brother I finally got my Mackbook Pro 17inch model.  Today we had big discussion on the car and finally my loving brother has agreed to buy a mac for our personal use. We went in the night to iStyle store in Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai and bought it. Since I am a member in Emirates Mac User group (EMUG) I got a 6% discount :-). Thanks to Magnus for helping me out in sending me temporary ID card, without which I would have lost my discount. In the the discount money I went greedy and upgraded my RAM memory to full 4 GB.

It is really super fast and very large screen. I am really exicted about my new toy added to my gadget collection. Thanks to Dinesh for converting me into a mac user. He has successfully made me into a mac adict. Good nite 🙂

Microsoft Mac Office 2008

Microsoft Mac Office 2008Today I got the chance install my won copy of Office 2008 for mac. The installation was pretty simple and removed my old crapy 2004 from the system. My biggest expectation for Office 2008 was Entourage.

At work we use exchange and iMail does a good job but not up to the mark. The office for windows had so many feature which was missing in Mac. So it made lot of people to think a lot to move to mac and who ever moved to suffered a lot one such is myself.

This version is an solves all the problems for people who use mac @ work. I will be really glad If I can voice chat using yahoo, msn. Still it is not there and it is pretty sad 🙁

Did I forget to mention, it is really fast 😀

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