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emusic night 2007 – Sharjah cricket stadium

Yesterday my cousin wanted to goto a Tamil music show conducted by cool productions. It was happening in Sharjah cricket stadium. This program was supported by Shakthi FM. Main sponsors of the event being ETA star and Western Union money transfer. My brother managed to get a free pass šŸ˜€

The crowd was so much even the police were unable to control them. There was no problems but traffic was little affected by it.

emusic night 2007 picture 1 emusic night 2007 picture 2 emusic night 2007 picture 3

The total people count was more than 18,000. It was really a big one.

emusic night 2007 picture 4 emusic night 2007 picture 5 emusic night 2007 picture 6

Lot of kids were enjoying it dancing big time while they were playing their favorite songs.

emusic night 2007 picture 7 emusic night 2007 picture 8 emusic night 2007 picture 9

The crowd was amazing but the program was not up to the expectation. It was okay šŸ™‚

Google integrates youtube videos on search results

Today I notice one small change in the search result and it was cool. Google has integrated videos from youtube to its search results.

Google integrates youtube vidoes on search results

I don’t know whether is an old news. But this is the first time I really noticed a video being included in search result. Way to go G00gle.

Once again got a parking ticket in Deira, Dubai

Today I had to goto NBD bank to request for a letter. The parking lot was full and I had to park my car in the side since there was no space to park my car. I parked the car by the side of the parking lot and went to the bank and came back I got aƂĀ  gift voucher from Dubai Roads & Transport Authority for 200 dirhams. This not fair at all. The NBD main branch building has more than 20 floors and having a parking lot for visitor with around 50 parking slot is not fair at all.

Dubai parking ticket

The above is the gift voucher I got from RTA Dubai šŸ˜‰

Two days back I got a speeding ticket which is my fault for going at high speed on a empty road šŸ˜€ . So this week is really happening for me with 2 tickets.

here goes another teach nerd

my friend shuja has finally started his own blog by the name


the above picture taken when I went for his marriage in Bhatkal šŸ˜€

he is a genius when comes to programming. he knows how to copy and paste in an efficient manner. after pulling his leg for a very long time he has has started this blog. his domain name is the way we code classes in php.

now you know why i have refer him as a nerd…. šŸ˜›

Updated more styles to wordpress theme

For past two weeks I am slowly cleaning up my blog. The information added to blog started to grow more and more. So I thought it was time to categories certain things.

  • Moved blogroll into a new page instead of showing in the sidebar. There was too many links and it was taking lot of space
  • Changed monthly archives to yearly. It will show monthly archive list in archive pages
  • Cleaned up and added more styles to the content and comment section
  • I was unable to style properly for internet explorer. So separated the styles for internet explorer and others
  • Added Gravatar functionality to comments section. I wrote a small function to cache the images and clear the old ones every 6 hours
  • Placed Google ad sense well between the content. Still experimenting things on the same

Still working on certain features on the theme. Lot more styling is left. Thanks to Avinash for super duper tips he is giving on designing my own theme. It feels great to have a working theme of my own šŸ˜€

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