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Extending WordPress – the actual power

I am wondering how many people have really used the actually power and extensibility of the great WordPress. The more time I spend with it reading the code I come to know WordPress can be extended into a powerful cms. Trust me WordPress is not just blogging software and it’s more than that.

I know WordPress can be extended to any complex cms without changing a single line in the WordPress core. The more I dig the WordPress I feel really stupid for writing such poor code in Organizer plug-in. There are two ways by which you can extend your WordPress namely plug-in and themes.

I have used so many so many open source cms. But I just love to write a plug-in for WordPress for its simplicity and power. Long back I wrote in my blog that I want to bring smarty in WordPress. One good thing with smarty is when you code a big project it is very easy to handle the templates for you.

If you like to see the implentation please download this file. I have just made it work here please change according to your neeeds.

Monitor Google activity from access logs

After so much strugle I found a nice tool which helps to parse my apache access log files and supply me so much useful information about google activity in my website.

Visitos log analyser

Visitors can get the following details from your daily apache access logs

  • Unique visitors in each day
  • Unique visitors in each month
  • Unique visitors from Google in each day
  • Unique visitors from Google in each month
  • Pageviews per visit
  • Weekday-Hour combined map
  • Month-Day combined map
  • Requested pages
  • Requested images and CSS
  • Referers
  • Referers by first time
  • Robots and web spiders
  • User agents
  • Operating Systems
  • Browsers
  • 404 Errors
  • Domains
  • Googled pages
  • Adsensed pages
  • Google Keyphrases
  • Google Keyphrases by first time
  • Google Human Language
  • Weekday distribution
  • Hours distribution

It is very simple to compile and execute…. I wrote a simple php shell script to make report daily so that i can archive it.

Flip Media lunch at Radisson Dubai

It was another interesting day at Flip Media. We got a mail from Maria stating Flip Lunch at Certo Restaurant Radisson Sas Hotel..!!!

We celebrated the lunch with Champaign for getting new contract ;-).






Humzaaaa ….

Next time I will try to get the snaps of most wanted members of Flip Media Dubai Dinesh, Martin, Ash ,,,,.

Google Browser Sync

Yesterday I installed Google Browser Sync at my office computer. It was asking Google account to sign in and asked serious question like how I want to sync my browser. That’s it latter when I came home I installed the same in my laptop. Once I restarted my firefox I got the below popup. Cool these are the websites which I was browsing when I left the office.

Google Browser Sync

I can see all my bookmarks, history etc all in sync. This is one useful tool which many people like me who use two computer will get benefited.

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